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Kenny & Nellie Stone

I don't have any pictures of Kenny (Pa) or Nellie (Big Mama) Stone (my grandparents, my mother's parents) when they were young. When these pictures were taken, all of their children were grown and married with children of their own.

Kenny Shelton Stone was born April 19, 1897 and died February 23, 1971. Nellie Gray Dennington Stone was born August 26, 1880 and died March 13, 1943.They were married May 29, 1901 in Quitman Texas. They had six children.

Lola May, born dead July 13, 1903.
Madie Moiscelle, born January 7, 1905. Died March 14, 1966
Mable Eudelle, born February 19, 1908. Jan. 31, 1981.
Opal Nell (my mother), born September 24, 1913. (living).
William Trent, born Dec. 11, 1909. Died April 23, 1960.
Hazel Fern, born dead May 28, 1917.


Kenny (Pa) and Nellie (Big Mama) Stone, sitting in front of their log house in Lake Creek Texas. If this picture was in color you could see Big Mama's beautiful flowers.


Big Mama & Pa standing in front of their log house. You can see the door that they made from old scrap lumber.


Big Mama & Pa in De Queen Ark.


Earl & Billie.


Aunt Annie & Billie


Paul Gordon, son of Billie and Phill Gordon.


Kenny Shelton (Pa) Stone

Kenny Shelton Stone, born April 19, 1877.
Died February 23, 1971. 


Mozelle Stone, Nell Stone, Eudelle (Pud) Stone, Wes Tom Johnson, unknown, and Everett Cain, in the road near Craddock Texas. At this time Wes Tom was living in Craddock with his mother, brother, and sisters. This is where he met Nell. That is also where his sister Neomi, met Everett Cain. Wes's brother, James Allen (Jim) met Jessie Miller there also.


Pa & Dovie Richardson. After Big Mama died Pa married Dovie Richardson. They both revieved small pension checks, so to make a little extra money they picked cotton for us. Back then the cotton was picked by hand and hauled to the gin in a horse-drawn wagon. Some wondered why old people like them wanted to get married, assuming neither of them would live very long, but they lived together for 28 years before they were separated in death. Although Dovie could never replace Big Mama, we learned to love and respect her, and I am glad that she was a part of our family, and for the infulence she had on our lives.


Big Mama


Left to right: Edward (Buster) Macky (Aunt Eudelle and Uncle Earley Macky's son), Billie Stone (Aunt Annie and Uncle Bill Stone's daughter), Earl Johnson (Wes Tom and Nell Johnson's son), and Wanda Wheat (Aunt Moze and Uncle Wheat's daughter). We were Big Mama and Pa's first four grandchildren, and they called us, "The Big Four."


Earl, Billie, Edward (Buster) & Wanda.


Doyle Edward 'Buster' & Viola


Johathn, Buster's great grandson.
Dean Macky's grandson.
Robbie's son


Earl Johnson, Big Mama & Pa Stone's first grandchild. This picture was taken on the dirt road not far from their log house.


William Trent (Uncle Bill), and his mother Nellie (Big Mama). Big Mama has her Bible in her hand; so typical. I remember hearing her pray in her home, her log house, that was about 1/4 mile down the road from our log house. Uncle Bill also had a lot of faith; he wrote gospel poems and songs. He sang and played the guitar and the harmonica. I remember him as being a kind, loving uncle.

William Trent Stone, born December 11, 1909.
Died April 22, 1960.


Annie & Lavelle McNeice. After Uncle Bill died Aunt Annie remarried. The above picture was taken July, 4th., 1997,  when Aunt Annie was 83 and Lavelle was 71.


Front Row - Left to Right: Phillip Calvin Gordon Jr., Annie and Lavelle.
Back Row - Left to Right: Donald Ray Gordon, Paul Trent Gordon, Billy Jonathan Gordon. Philip, Donald, Paul and Billy are Annie's grandsons, - her daughter Billie's sons.

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